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What Has Happened Before Will Happen Again

So if you're my subconscious I gotta say you're a little full of myself

So, about me...
I live in the hellmouth, aka Mull of Kintyre. Not as grand as the song made it seem, and it's never warm. Being described as an island limits the things you can order online. Seeing as there is no employment here, and there isn't much to do aside from drink in the playparks and graveyard, I spend my days watching various TV shows, the main being NCIS. Can't really beat it as far as I'm concerned. I also look for ways of increasing my inspiration factor, which is at a very low status. Can't complain, got a lengthy, angsty romantic fic in the works right now so I must be doing something right.
One of the things you'll learn about me is that I love for NCIS, and that Kate Todd is my ultimate fave character. I have a theory that she's actually living the life in Europe with Paula and Jen. All their "deaths" were faked, and my family don't bother to disagree with me anymore!
I live with my mum and crazy cat and other than what you've read above, I don't have much to add.
Peruse. Comment. Whatever.
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