What Has Happened Before Will Happen Again

So if you're my subconscious I gotta say you're a little full of myself

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Hey there, I'm Angel and I'm from Australia.
I found you through a mutual friend karma_73 and saw that we have quite a few common interests.
I'm always up for making some new friends hehe
I'm a huge fan of NCIS, Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice and judging by what I've seen from your LJ and your profile you seem like a person I would love to get to know better. So how bout it, friends?

Always good to meet fellow NCIS Fanatics :)

Consider yourself added to the mad world of Sasha

I've seen you around and you seem like such a nice person! And we have so many interests in common, like ncis [gibbs/kate and tony/kate] and csi (grissom/catherine)and csi:miami (eric/calleigh) and I LOVE Sasha Alexander ♥ You definitely seem like a person I'd love to be friends with.

Friends? :D

Totally. Welcome to the madness of Sasha's World

I love kate todd too! amd ncis, and csi miami. I think kate is now maura living in secret as a medical examiner, of course.
I think you seem cool so can i be your friend? :D

Kate Todd is kickass man. Yeah, hop on this crazy bandwagon into Crazyville. I will warn you, it gets a little insane. :)

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